Server Gameplay Rules

1.  No Hacking. Result - Ban

2.  No Offensive, Sexist or Racist Language. Result - Temporary Ban

3.  No Stealing. Can Result in a Temporary Ban.

4.  No Claiming of public mines or shared resources. You will be warned and if you continue to claim them
     you will gain a Temporary Ban

5.  No Blocking someone in, so they cant expand their property. this will get you a Temporary ban.

6.  Don't abuse admin's, we are here to help and our players ourselves. Abuse will leave from a Ban from the server.

7.  No player grieving, no destroying of other peoples things, play nicely or not at all.

8.  Please No Advertising, no one wants to buy you stuff while trying to have fun, and don't try and drag people
     to another server obviously they didn't want to be there. resulting in being kicked and banned for repeat offenders

We don't want to ban people from our server so please don't give us a reason to. We want to promote a peaceful, enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you.

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